Services for our users

Apart from providing a whole range of books in different subject fields, we also have a range of other services and resources to help our users with in their study, from computers, internet, photocopying, printing to study spaces.

Use Library OPAC (Online Public catalogue) to find books, journal titles, reference books and all of the other resources available in the library. For tips on how to find what you need, take a look at the guide to using Library OPAC.
To borrow books you need to be an user and have to bring two of your library card along with you. After finding your books using library OPAC, you have to bring the books in the circulation section for issuing or returning the books. There are also guidelines for how many books a user can borrow at a time, to know about it more see the Circulation Rules.
To find out what you have issued from the library and their due dates simply click on the Member Status option. This page will contain a search box where you have to put your Member ID or Member Code and click on the search button which then will show all the details.
The library has different study spaces to suit your study style, whether you need a computer, a quiet study spot. You can find study places located in the ground floor and in the first floor of the library building.
Every year in the new session of University, our University Library organizes orientation programs for the new students and make the acquaintance with the library and its different services for their easy access. For more details se the Recent Activity sections.
We also provide computers and Internet acccess to our users for online access of information and accessing online mjournals. for more details on accessing information Hub red the Guidelines.
Books, journals and documents having academic value will be accepted for photocopying and on-line downloaded copy for digital printing. The maximum number of pages to be copied will be 100 only.
The charges will be as follows:--
  1. All charges are inclusive of paper.
  2. Users will pay 50 paise for each impression.
  3. In case of non-member of the University Library the photocopying and digital charge will be Re. 1.00 per impression.
For free wifi access submit the online form and contact the computer center for more details.