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Best Library User 2022.

The Best Library User Award program organized on 24th May 2022.

Published On 26.05.2022

The 'Best Library User Award' has been started in the year 2021 to encourage students to make effective use of the library and its services.

To emphasise the library's utility and value in the academic arena. The library's role and contribution may be known to the user community. This indirectly contributes to the conversion of potential users into active users.

Sunila Gurung, Research Scholar, Department of Nepali, is the Library Best User Award recipient for 2021, and this is the first time the award has been given.

The Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Subires Bhattacharyya, presented her with the Award in the presence of library officers and the Registrar (Officiating) on May 23, 2022.