Resource Name Resource Type Titles Subscribed Discipline
Taylor and Francis eSS Collection full-text 1076 titles Multidiscipline databases
Springer Link 1700 Collection and Natural Journal full-text 1700 Collection Multidiscipline databases
Project Muse full-text

676 Humanities Social Sci.
Oxford University Press eSS Collection full-text

262 Multidiscipline databases
JSTOR full-text 3165 Multidiscipline databases
Economic Political Weekly full-text 1  
Annual Reviews - eSS Collection full-text 43 Multidiscipline databases
American Physical Society - eSS Collection full-text 15 Physics
American Institute of Physics - eSS Collection full-text 19 Physics
American Chemical Society - eSS Collection full-text 49 Chemistry
Wiley Blackwell Publishing eSS 908 Collection full-text 908 Multidiscipline databases
Royal Society of Chemistry eSS Collection full-text 29 Chemistry
Institute of Physics eSS Collection full-text 46 Physics
Chemistry-An Asian Journal full-text Chemistry
Economic Outlook (CMIE) full-text Economics
CMIE Prowess dx full-text Economics
EPWRF India Time Series full-text Economics
BCI-AIR full-text Law
Manupatra full-text Law
Applied & Environmental Microbiology full-text Microbiology
Work Employment & Society full-text Sociology
Croatian Journal of Philosophy full-text Philosophy
Journal of the London Mathematical Society full-text Mathematics
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society full-text Mathematics
Supreme Court Case Finder (SCC) full-text Law
World e-Book Library NDL Resource Multidiscipline databases
South Asia Archive (SAA) NDL Resource Multidiscipline databases