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e-Journal list

List of available online journals on our Library.

The Following journals are only accessible from the University Network or using through University VPN services. To those who wishes to access from outside the university are requested to apply for Remote Access.

Resource Name Resource Type Titles Subscribed Discipline
Real Analysis Exchange full-text Mathematics
Quarterly of Applied Mathematics full-text Mathematics
Infofish International full-text Zoology
Journal of Portfolio Management (JPM) full-text Commerce, Management
Microbiological Research full-text Geology
Journal of Asian Earth Science full-text Geology
Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technology full-text Food Technology
Current Opinion in Food Science full-text Food Technology
Fitoterapia full-text Medicinal plants, Bioactive natural products
Bentham Science full-text 65 Titles Bio-Informatics, Pharmaceutical Technology
Taylor and Francis eSS Collection full-text 1076 titles Multidiscipline databases
Springer Link 1700 Collection and Natural Journal full-text 1700 Collection Multidiscipline databases
Project Muse full-text 676 Humanities Social Sci.
Oxford University Press eSS Collection full-text 262 Multidiscipline databases
JSTOR full-text 3165 Multidiscipline databases
Economic Political Weekly full-text 1  
Annual Reviews - eSS Collection full-text 43 Multidiscipline databases
American Physical Society - eSS Collection full-text 15 Physics
American Institute of Physics - eSS Collection full-text 19 Physics
American Chemical Society - eSS Collection full-text 49 Chemistry
Wiley Blackwell Publishing eSS 908 Collection full-text 908 Multidiscipline databases
Royal Society of Chemistry (Gold) - eSS collection full-text 29 Chemistry
Institute of Physics eSS Collection full-text 46 Physics
Chemistry-An Asian Journal full-text Chemistry
Economic Outlook (CMIE) full-text Economics
Applied & Environmental Microbiology full-text Microbiology
Croatian Journal of Philosophy full-text Philosophy
Journal of the London Mathematical Society full-text Mathematics
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society full-text Mathematics
World e-Book Library NDL Resource Multidiscipline databases
South Asia Archive (SAA) NDL Resource Multidiscipline databases