About Library

The University Library was established along-with the establishment of the University in 1962 in order to meet the academic and research needs of the Students, Research Scholars and the Teachers. The University Library provides books, journals as well as current information on various topics to fulfill the need of the various components of the university community viz. teachers, research scholars, students, officers and staff towards the fulfillment of their objectives. The University Library is the only library in North Bengal region, which facilitates research and higher learning by providing books, journals and other documents to the teachers, research scholars and students. The Library is a three storied building with 2662.61 sq. mtr. carpet area and its Annexe is a two storied building with 445.52 sq. mtr. carpet area. The location of the University Library is at the Western side of the University Administrative Building and North of Padmaja Park. University Library has built up a rich collection on all branches of Science, Arts, Commerce, and Management. It is a member of UGC INFONET Consortium for on line subscription of journals. Library LAN has become a part of campus wide Network, which has made it possible for the academic community of various departments to access information from their adobe. There is a Library Committee to regulate Policy, Planning, Process and all the developmental activities of the library. It renders instructions regarding management of funds set apart for the functioning of the University Library system. The Chairman of the Library Committee is the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and the Librarian of the University is Secretary, Ex-Officio member.

Library At aGlance

Year of Establishment : 1962
Library Hours : 10.30 a.m - 5.30 p.m.
Library open : Monday - Sunday (7 days except holidays)
Total Collection as on (31.03.2016) : 2,78,503
Carpet Area (with Annex) : 2662.61 sq. mtr. + 445.52 sq. mtr.=3108.13 sq. mtr.
Number of  Staff (Existing) : 27
    a)Professional : 8 (Including officer)
    (b)Non-professional : 19
Library Access : Open Access & Closed Access
Library Security system : Manual Security & CCTV systems
Institutional Membership : IASLIC, ILA, BLA , American Library  (Partial)  BCL & DELNET
Status of Automation : Automated Database(partial)
Library Software : SOUL 2.0
Membership of Library Network : INFLIBNET
NBU Information Repository : ir.nbu.ac.in
Library Web Portal(local) :
University Website : http://www.nbu.ac.in/

Library Statistics during 2018 - 2019:

  1. Records

    Sl. No.


    2020-2021 (as on 31.10.2020)

    Total number of documents accessioned



    Text Books



    Reference Books



    Rare Books



    Bound Periodicals






    Non—Print Materials














  2. Total number of current journals/periodicals subscribed  (Financial Year 2018-19):
  3. Sl. No.












    Total number of Journal Purchased


  4. Total number of E-Journals / E-Periodicals available on Online through UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium (during the Financial Year 2018-2019): 9,000 (approx.)

  5. Total number of students’ members (2018 -2019) : 2479

  6. Total number of other members (2018 - 2019) : 794

  7. Average issue/return of books (daily) (2018 - 2019): 250 (approx.)

  8. Average number of members visited daily in the library (2018 - 2019) : 147 (approx.)
  9. Seating capacity the library (2018 - 2019) : 150


  1. Bibliographic Service
  2. Reference Service
  3. Information Service
  4. Reprographic Facilities
  5. Internet Facilities
  6. Online Access to Selected Journals through UGC-INFONET
  7. Database Search through INFLIBNET
  8. Study and Research Support Service
  9. Information Hub for Students, Teachers & Research Scholars
  10. Journals of National and International repute
  11. Provision for Accessing the Rare Books
  12. Lending facilities for books
  13. After processing the documents are being sent regularly to Seminar Libraries as required
  14. Display of Information regarding arrival of Books and Journals
  15. OPAC and Web OPAC
  16. Career Guidance Service
  17. Resource Sharing/Inter Library Loan
  18. Reading facilities to Retired Teachers
  19. User Orientation
  20. Facilities for other colleges &Research  Organizations
  21. Services extended to Jalpaiguri Campus


  • The Central Library, the apex body of all the seminar libraries and one departmental library, is very much efficient to provide quality service.
    • Single faced and double faced stack
    • Magazine display rack
    • Display racks for new arrivals and documents for competitive examinations
    • Notice, guidelines and instructions to users
    • Classification Schemes (DDC & Bangla-Grantha Bargikaran ), Catalogue Code
    • (AACR-II) and Book Mark Tables (C A Cutter’s alphabetic-order table)
    • Semi-automatic cutting machine
    • Classified and Dictionary Catalogue Cabinets
    • Photocopiers
    • WiFi facility
    • Centrally connected generator
    • Facility for spraying insecticides
    • Sufficient number of fire extinguisher
    • Facility for proper ventilation and lights
    • Iron net covered windows
    • Lift for documents transportation
    • Requisite number of reading tables, chairs to facilitate users
    • Suggestions & Complaint Box
    • Shaded Cycle Stand

Some of our Services

Huge Collection 

Our Library possess huge collection of Books, thesis papers, printed as well as online journals and many more.

Digital Circulation

We are using SOUL 2.0 for fully digitized Circulation function for giving better service towered our users and ease of access.

Digital Lab

Through our digital lab we are able to provide internet access, printing facility, workshops, and many other information to our users.

Subscribed journals

we have both printed and online journals in various subject fields from various renowned publishers.

Institutional Repository

Our Institutional Repository has rich variety of collection  like thesis, university publication, rare book collection etc.

plagiarism check

Using Urkund's anti-plagiarism system we provide plagiarism checking facility for our users to help them in best possible way.


Institutional Repository holds, manages, preserves and provides access of digital material generated through the research, teaching and administrative activities of the University.

Online Journals

Search through Our vast number of subscribed journals in different subject fields according to your information need.

Search Catalogue

Search our vast collection of books and other materials through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).

Census Data

Access digital copy of census India data of different states from our collection as for your need.